what are the benefits of bikram yoga?

The greatest benefits of Bikram Yoga manifest when we include yoga in daily life:  We suggest once a week for maintenance, twice a week for improvement and three or more times a week for transformation! 


weight loss

  • Hot yoga burns calories.
  • Yoga creates mindfulness so you become more mindful of what you put into your mouth – you develop healthier cravings. 
  • Bikram Yoga balances appetite. The series increases compression to the thyroid and stimulates the endocrine system -  both of which play a major role in regulating metabolism.  From personal experience, we know it works!


  • Yoga is a life-long practice that will keep you feeling young and full of vitality. Regular hot yoga classes will give you a strong and supple body and also keep your brain nimble!

increased strength and flexibility

  • Bikram Yoga poses balance these qualities, creating supported mobility and a beautiful physique.

increased sense of calm and wellbeing

  • The effect on the endocrine and nervous systems is profound, allowing for improved sleep, less reactivity to the stressors of daily life and better relationships. 
  • Bikram Yoga also enhances creativity, which can assist problem solving and communication.

improved immunity

  • Hot yoga is especially powerful at improving our bodies’ immunity through the massage of the lymph system, normalisation of the hormonal system, reduction of stress, improvement in sleep, profound relaxation and sense of calm.


  • Hot yoga is a fantastic complement to your favourite sport or training, as stretching in the hot studio helps to break down lactic acid, improving range of motion and concentration – every athlete’s secret weapon!