yoga studio etiquette

These guidelines are provided to help students give and receive the most in each and every yoga class:


The yoga studio is a silent space, so please – no talking.  

We know this isn’t always easy, especially if you have come with a friend.  If you want to chat please do so in reception.  Please focus on your personal space and be mindful and respectful of others around you during class. 

Mobile phones must be switched off at all times. 

Phones ringing can really break the energy of a hot yoga class so please switch off if you’re bringing your phone into the yoga studio. 


Late arrivals will not be admitted to class after the initial breathing exercise is finished.

Unfortunately London transport doesn't always work in our favour (or finding the perfect parking space!) but we uphold this rule to offer the best possible yoga class experience for everyone. Disruption is distracting.


Please follow the teacher’s instructions during class

Teachers are there to help, guide and assist you as much as possible so you can receive the most benefit from each and every yoga class.  If you need to discuss a modification or medical condition, we recommend doing so with the instructor before class.  Please refrain from doing postures or stretches which aren't part of the series.



As the warm up at the beginning of class is so important in preparing for your practice, we kindly ask that you resist drinking water until being prompted to do so by the teacher. Afterwards, please feel free to take water throughout the hot yoga class as needed - just remember to drink between, not during, postures (as again, disruption is distracting).


Be still

If you find you're struggling in class (and let's face it, it happens to us all from time to time) then please kneel down quietly, regain your energy and join back in. Although not encouraged, if you need to leave (or enter) the room for any reason please do so between - not during - postures (and preferably during the floor rather than the standing series).


Place your small valuables in the spaces provided

There are small shelving spaces at the back of the studio to place (switched off! :) mobiles, keys and wallets.  


Please wear a form of suitable clothing

Shoes must be left in reception and we recommend that students practise with bare feet.  Fitted clothing is best due to the bending and stretching required in the postures with attention to modesty most appreciated.


Be prepared

Go through your check list: a towel for your mat, enough water, a tissue, a trip to the loo, phone switched off (!).  All of these things should be attended to before – not during – class.


Thank you in advance and have a great hot yoga class!