Celebrate the Gift of Yoga!

Wednesday the 21st of June marks the International Day of Yoga. To celebrate we will be opening our doors at the studio and offering FREE CLASSES all day on this special day. Encourage your friends and family to attend and share the amazing physical and mental benefits that yoga has to offer.

Whether you're new to yoga and want to see what it's all about or a regular practitioner we want to mark the day by allowing as many people as possible to practise this wonderful hot yoga sequence! 

This day is recognised and celebrated in countries and studios worldwide.  We want to do our bit to spread the wonderful word of yoga and let people discover all the life-enhancing benefits that this ancient Indian practice has to offer.

Please note: We are expecting a large turnout so we encourage all our yogis - regulars and newbies alike - to register your place in class on the day. All walk-ins will be wait listed until the class registration is complete.

See you in class!


*Please note: one class only per person on the day.